What is Beached Days?

BEACHED DAYS is a cultural brand created by Mitch Abshire.

Founded CAPTAIN FIN. A legendary surfer who opened CAPTAINS HELM, a concept shop in Oceanside that combines surf culture, bikes, vintage clothing, and cafes to a high level, and supports the single fin longboard scene that continues to this day.

Through his filter, who spends his outdoor life in California, the center of surf culture, and Tennessee, which is rich in nature, we will propose surfing and outdoor goods necessary for both lifestyles.

Unique products that could not have been realized in the United States alone were realized using Japanese ideas.

Mitch Absher has been involved with numerous brands. We have completed the BEACHED DAYS lineup, which we have envisioned for many years together with Japanese ideas, to create unique products that could not have been realized in our home country of America alone.