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Natural detergent (wet shampoo)

Natural detergent (wet shampoo)

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A laundry detergent with a natural formula that can wash everything from wetsuits to old clothes and delicate clothing.

This is a laundry detergent with a natural formula that can wash everything from wet suits to old clothes and delicate clothing.
This detergent, also known as laundry soap, easily decomposes in water, so unlike general synthetic detergents, it protects the marine environment. What's more, the reason why this detergent is based on plant-derived cleaning ingredients that are gentle on the skin and thoroughly removes dirt is that it was developed using a unique golden ratio by Laundry Brothers, which has excellent laundry skills.

Citrus scent Peace

Green tea scent Relax

Its cleaning power is strong enough to remove foundation stains even though it is made from natural ingredients. Another highlight is that it is free of bleach and optical brighteners, so there is no need for fabric softener. Regular fabric softeners coat the fabric each time it is washed, causing it to harden. This detergent uses cosmetic-grade natural ingredients (amino acids, vegetable glycerin) to prevent hardening, slow aging for wetsuits, and soften fabrics for clothing. And it won't irritate your skin. We paid particular attention to this because it is a wetsuit that comes into direct contact with your skin.

A PEACE scent blended with essential oils that will make you happy every time you wash your clothes. Fragrance regulations are also kept within 2% of cosmetic grade body weight. Originally, detergents are classified as miscellaneous goods, so there is no obligation to display their ingredients, but we do so because we are proud of our products!

How to wash a wetsuit

STEP1. First, add an appropriate amount of detergent to water and mix well.
STEP2. Put the wet suit in it and massage it.
STEP3. Leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes, rinse lightly with water and dry in the shade.

About “Washing Brothers”

Laundry Brothers is a group of professionals working to make everyday laundry fun and happy.
While running the cleaning shop LIVRER YOKOHAMA in Yokohama, he also cleans the costumes of famous domestic and international artists.
The special feature of the Washing Brothers method is that it not only washes clothes beautifully, but also allows them to last longer without damaging them. Currently, they are holding events, seminars, and lectures at department stores and select shops across the country, and their media appearances are rapidly increasing!



Size/Product specifications/Materials


Pure soap ingredient (24%, fatty acid potassium), stabilizer, foam regulator, fragrance liquid: weakly alkaline

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