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BD All 2mm Skin Long John

BD All 2mm Skin Long John

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Classic cut design with brand icon All 2mm Skin long johns

A ready-made all 2mm skin wetsuit with a focus on functionality, fit, and design. The skin is made of super stretchy rubber that will not cause any stress when surfing. In addition to the design, flat skin is used around the arms and stomach, and mesh skin is used to reduce slippage with the board when paddling, and the fabric layout is also functional. This is a recommended item for surfers of all genres, including shortboarders, bodyboarders, and longboarders.

Functional all-black design

A combination of mesh skin and smooth skin that prevents slipping while paddling.
Even though it's all black, the different textures give it a three-dimensional look.
The simple all-black design is accented with the brand's iconic smiley face, and the V-cut at the abdomen is a classic cut design.

Compatible body size

Flat size

Please refer to the size chart above and check the actual measurements of the product when laid flat to choose the perfect fit.
[Medium size]
1. Waist: approx. 34cm 2. Waist: approx. 38cm 3. Inseam: approx. 64cm 4. Knee: approx. 14cm
[Large size]
1. Waist: approx. 36cm 2. Waist: approx. 42cm 3. Inseam: approx. 65cm 4. Knee: approx. 15cm
[Medium size]
1. Waist: approx. 37cm 2. Waist: approx. 43cm ? Inseam: approx. 68cm 4. Knee: approx. 17cm

Wearing image by body type

Staff member (54 years old)
Height 173cm / Weight 68kg / Chest: 98cm Waist: 87cm Waist: 86cm Hips: 95cm Inseam: 73cm Sleeve length: 52cm Upper arm (bicep): 30cm Wrist: 16.5cm
"The large size fits me perfectly. I usually wear a large for clothes and a 32-inch for pants."

"I also tried on the XL size. It looks the same, but it's a lot looser than the L size. I think the L size is the best."

Uses environmentally friendly water-based laminating adhesive "AQUA-α"

This wetsuit also takes environmental concerns into consideration, as it uses the environmentally friendly adhesive "AQUA α" which is solvent-free and has low toxicity to the human body.
*Water-based adhesives do not affect their strength even if they get wet after application.

About wrinkles in wetsuits

Due to the characteristics of the fabric, rubber products are particularly prone to creases, and although it will vary depending on the time between shipping and opening the product, some creases will occur.
Thank you for your understanding before purchasing.
*Returns and exchanges cannot be accepted due to creases, etc. Also, the rubber part is very delicate, so any tears caused by trying on the product with your fingernails (such as 2 cm nail marks) will not be eligible for return or exchange.



Size/Product specifications/Materials

[Actual size when placed horizontally]
M: Waist circumference 34cm, waist circumference 38cm, inseam approx. 64cm, knee circumference 14cm
L: Waist circumference 36cm, waist circumference 42cm, inseam circumference 65cm, knee circumference 15cm
XL: Waist circumference 37cm, waist circumference 43cm, inseam circumference 68cm, knee circumference 17cm

[Compatible body size]
M: Height 165-170cm/Weight 59-64kg
Chest 90-95cm / Waist 73-78cm / Hips 87-92cm / Inseam 68-70cm / Sleeve length 72-75cm / Neck 35-37cm

L: Height 170-175cm/Weight 64-69kg
Chest 93-98cm / Waist 76-81cm / Hips 91-96cm / Inseam 70-72cm / Sleeve length 74-77cm / Neck 37-39cm

XL: Height 175-180cm/Weight 69-76kg
Chest 96-101cm / Waist 79-84cm / Hips 95-100cm / Inseam 72-74cm / Sleeve 76-79cm / Neck 39-41cm

[country of origin]

Free shipping for purchases over 10,000 yen

Free shipping for purchases over 10,000 yen. Of course, surfboards are also delivered to your home.
(Shipping to Okinawa and remote islands of surfboards will incur additional shipping charges.)

Safe delivery guarantee

If the delivered product is defective or defective, we will immediately replace it. Of course, there will be no cost for return or exchange. Please contact us within 7 days after receiving the product.

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