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3mm winter socks low type

3mm winter socks low type

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An unprecedented fit that will make you forget about heavy winter equipment

We work closely with Japan's leading wetsuit brands to develop, manufacture, and test products. It has a quality that can withstand Japan's harsh winters.
Available in 1cm increments from 23cm to 28cm, which is unique to domestic production, so you can choose a pair that is just the right size.

Made with an unprecedented focus on fit, these shoes are so comfortable you'll forget even about heavy winter equipment.

Structure that makes sense even for those who hate boots

The foot part is made up of a minimum of two parts to prevent damage caused by tension during vigorous riding. The structure is acceptable even for those who hate boots, as it reduces the toe area and the problem of getting caught when taking off.

Since it's all jersey material, you can easily turn it inside out to dry. It also reduces the unpleasant smell of boots in winter.

The ankle and instep parts are made of soft jersey, and the sole part is made of durable tough jersey, ensuring stress-free comfort.

staff size review

[Staff OGOSE]
<Usual shoe size> VANS: US 9.5 (27.5cm) / CONVERSE: US9 (27.5cm)

"I don't want them to slip when surfing, so I wear the smaller size 26cm. They feel a little tight on land, but in the sea they're soft and fit snugly, allowing me to surf comfortably."

<Usual shoe size> VANS: US 8.5 (26.5cm) / NIKE: US 9 (27.0cm)

"I'm a short boarder, so I prioritize fit and grip! You can choose in 1cm increments, so I chose 25cm, which is smaller than my usual sneakers. Even in the cold winter, you can attack with a crisp lip."

[Staff ERI]
<Usual shoe size> VANS: US6 (23cm) / CONVERSE US4 (23cm)

"I usually wear sneakers half-up to balance my outfits, but I think my actual foot size is closer to 22.5cm. I wear these 23cm socks, and they fit perfectly even on land. I can make solid turns on my longboard. That's why I chose a snug fit that wasn't too loose or too tight.My favorite thing about it is that it's made of soft jersey material, so you can easily turn it inside out to dry after you get out of the sea.


オリジナルサーフコスメをプレゼント 4週連続ウィークリープレゼントキャンペーン!

→ キャンペーン内容はこちら

Size/Product specifications/Materials

23cm, 24cm, 25cm, 26cm, 27cm, 28cm

neoprene jersey

[Country of manufacture]

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