"Not Soft, More Fun."

The deck is soft and the core is EPS surfboard.
Rides like a surfboard, which is completely different from traditional soft boards.
Looks and cost performance that fully satisfy a wide range of surfers.

Enjoy more casually and coolly with the new standard surfboard BEACHED DAYS AQUATIC DIVISION.


Chris Christenson, a living legend who leads the San Diego fish movement, is undoubtedly the best in the world in big wave gun shapes, and continues to produce masterpieces in mid-length and twin fins, his masterpiece C-BUCKET is released by BEACHED DAYS AQUATIC DIVISION.

AKU data faithfully reproduces the beautiful streamlined form and complex concave. You can aim at the barrel, but it's also great for trim and glide, and it's smooth for experts. Great design for beginners to cruise and get in style.

Moderate rigidity and flex provided by two stringers. The finish is approved by Christenson himself.


"The Common Day"

The board is based on a board that JJ Wessels, a multi-talented pro surfer, photographer, and video editor, shaped in his garage for his beloved wife, with the meaning of wanting to be with her at all times.

The wide tail has a strong kick and a smooth concave that extends slightly above the center.In order to enjoy surfing casually, the slightly light weight is also provided with two bamboo stringers for perfect strength and rigidity. It is finished as an all-round nose rider with good turns, good trim, and a good nose.

For the fins, if you set basic rake fins, you can make radical turns, and if you use fins with a wider base, you will feel more stable and nose riding will be more stable.

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